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Translate in seconds: Babylon now also for MAC 50 million installations of Babylon on computers all over the world this number speaks a clear language. Munich, September 22, 2008 – foreign words in E-Mails, Word documents or in the Internet because nobody takes long to rummage in encyclopedias. With its one click technology has convinced many users the software Babylon and is used in the profession such as in private life. When clicking on the word in question, Babylon delivers the desired translation, no matter from which application. Babylon translates even whole passages of text in 28 languages. But not only in foreign languages easier, Babylon working on the computer: the user also has access to 1,400 online dictionaries and encyclopedias, including on Wikipedia in 18 languages. As soon as translations, the user has received including definitions of terms. Even for texts with many technical terms, so must be no despair Babylon helps in a matter of seconds.

An other success story is that of the MAC: In the third quarter of Fiscal year 2008 Apple has increased again its turnover compared to the previous year by 43 percent. Apple has a market share of 7.5 percent on the computer systems, trend now worldwide significantly rising with his operating system MacOS. Babylon users have been limited on the Windows operating system, but this gap is now complete. MAC users around the world can now benefit from the Babylon functions. For them there was so far no similar offer", reported Reinhard Dobel Rahman, Managing Director of Babylon GmbH and is pleased that the company opens up a new, growing customer base in this way. He explains: Babylon is located keen to explore the needs of the users.

We know, for example, from studies that currently 40 percent of all students at the next computer purchase would opt for a MAC. "We look forward to this user group now also offer our popular product." Babylon 2008 is MAC as a download version for 59 NET or as a boxed version available for 69 NET on mac or commercially available.

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