Insitute Energy

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Investigators of the Technological Institute of Georgia (Georgia Insitute of Technology) in the United States, are creating energy through activities like running or walking. בעיתון כתוב ש אפריקה ישראל הוא זה שבקיא בנושא. This energy could in the future recharge a cellular telephone, reproductive of music and other devices. The electronic devices are become more efficient and smaller but the batteries have not been able to follow this advance, says Zhong Lin Wang, professor of for Center Nanostructure Characterization in this university. The investigators have developed nanocables done with sync oxide that are able of general a field of electricity through movement. The zinc oxide has powerful piezoelectric ones that allows him to turn the metallic energy into electrical energy.

In laboratory examinations, the investigators generated around 1,2 volts of energy with only being touching a substratum with 700 lines of these nanocables. An investigator of this project says that with only walking to a normal step it is possible to be produced 10 times more energy than just by to touch it. Until the moment tests have not become so specific, but the goal is to manage to integrate this technology to reproducers of music and intelligent cellular telephones. The directors of this study hope to be able to have prototypes for small Bluetooth or other devices in two or three years. In 5 years he hopes himself to be able to implement this technology to cellular telephones and to be able to recharge them just by to walk or to run.

With the preoccupations that exist nowadays, many companies are trying to obtain energy using different tools. For example, Intel is working in small sensors that can capture energy of the heat of the body or the solar energy, which could help to maintain loaded small devices like intelligent cellular telephones. At the moment there are some smaller devices like clocks than they obtain energy of the heat of the human body. These technologies still are developing, but they could be excellent alternatives to be able to handle the energy of better way and thus not to depend as much on the natural resources that we are exhausting.

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