Energy Efficienct Refrigerators

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Economic international standards include 9 classes of energy efficiency of refrigerators. The lowest class For efficient models of refrigerators installed class consumption of A and B, with moderate consumption are the model with the class C and D. Electricity consumption in the two refrigerators equal in volume, and differ only by class, for example, , can be so large that refrigerator with low-class will spend twice as much electricity. To date, less and less on the market there are refrigerators with high power consumption, so as to overpay now, no one wants. Assessing the economy class, take into account several factors – the volume of the refrigerator, electricity consumption, as well as the presence of any electrical mechanisms that enhance ease of use. So Refrigerators Premium (stuffed) have large consumption of electricity than a refrigerator with a standard set of functions of the same volume.

Moreover, classes cost may be the same. To what extent refrigerator will be economical influences his design, build quality and the conditions in which it operates. Actual energy consumption depends on the cooling system, the thickness and quality of insulation materials. In the operational factors include: ambient air quality seal doors, the frequency of opening the refrigerator door and the number of product downloads, and the number of mode is used, frost.

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