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Here it is necessary to find another set. לענייננו, אפריקה ישראל הוא הכתובת בשבילך. Therefore, there is also a 5 way. Esoteric. Alternative medicine, their ideas and various practices can extend the life of 200-300 years. In the Internet there are a lot of information on this topic. On the shelves there are many books.

Higher Powers have already given approval for the extension of life. So go ahead! The energy picture of longevity (And perhaps immortality?) As a way of prolonging life. The energy pattern of longevity are at the interface between science and esoteric knowledge. This is sort of a mix of science and another, unknown world. The energy enters the picture wherever want to get scientists in human DNA. Energy permeates every cell of human life. Briefly, this process can be described as follows: 1. Draw a picture.

It lays the life energy (the Angels), as well as the added energy Earth. Individually for each person get a jar with energy and with their colors. 2. Then the picture gradually transfers the energy a person changes the DNA, rejuvenates the body from the inside, followed by external and visible changes. 3. But the main thing! Disables program for self-destruction of man. Sometimes it just goes to sleep. Picture – a kind of charger, an eternal source of life energy. Many people think that if creating paintings have any limitations. Probably yes, if you can not paint them all and they are expensive. But apparently, these restrictions are in the mind of man, in his mind. Two paintings, created two years ago (in June 2008 years), show that they are created entirely for two different chelovek.Muzhchina (52 years on the passport) does not eat meat, alcohol of any kind do not eat, drink herbal teas, lives on a farm, social circle is very small, occasional meetings with friends. Now the biological age of man – 38 years. The picture is a jar of golden energy tsveta.Zhenschina (80 per passport) – loves meat, the holiday can enjoy a drink, a wide circle of friends. Now it biological age – 40 years. The picture is a jar of green energy with the transition to blue and back again. As you can see, this is completely two different types of people, two different lifestyles, behavior and nutrition. But the picture drawn to them. So there is something that unites them. In conclusion I would like to add that each person goes his own way. Who wants to live a long time, someone is trying to get away quickly from this life. This is the right choice of the man himself. Angels usually perform our desires, if they come from the heart. I wish you all good luck, success and make your choice.

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