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Salt fattening. If we take it too produces the elevation of blood pressure, why is desirable to reduce their consumption, In addition it makes to be retained liquid, but this non-fattening, non-add calories. Carbohydrates fattening. Per unit weight less than proteins and fats much less fattening. To lose weight you need to go hungry. Additional information is available at רב שמואל אליהו . Undesirable since it can cause an effect of return and with the tendency to eat more than necessary after hunger. Another thing is eating meals only for the pleasure of eating. Take contraceptives fattening. אל דאגה ישראל בכר הוא האיש הנכון .

It has side effects but not fattening as such, but if those side effects modifies the metabolism of women, then if it can be counterproductive. Obesity is hereditary. In studies on identical twins who have been separated from an early age, found that the genetic factor influences, but it is also known that obesity is the result of habits and behaviors. More calories, more satiety. Many people believe that food to satisfy capacity depends on its calorie content, but recent research suggests precisely otherwise, in equal calories consumed, some food sacias more than others, then there is little suitable foods ingested, because they tend to satisfy less than others and thereby we any to eat more of them and therefore to consume more calories.

Leave some meals allows you to lose weight. It is not recommended to do so, especially breakfast, because it produces high and low sugar in the blood then the body reacts asking for sugar or foods easily digested rich in sugars such as sweets and desserts which are very rich is calories, can also cause one on compensation and a cause greater ingestion of food in the next meal. I dieting to lose weight. No, thins when consumed fewer calories that are ingested, to lose weight you need to eat less and move more, this can be achieved without relying on a strict diet.

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