Seasonal Makeup Tips

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This season, the makeup will complement most of your image, and therefore we will explain step by step the most flattering trends and easy to use for you this season and last hyacinth!. Makeup There are several very flattering trends this season, one side is the natural look in shades of land and gold, but with marked eyes and lips neutral tones transparent but bright, and the other is the sexiest look, with eyes marked but dark colors, from navy blue to purple without forgetting the black, transparent or dark lips and sexy. Tip: Choose the look that suits you and with whom you feel safer and follow the tips we show you below. Makeup Base Add a touch of pearl to your base and get a trend and flattering look. Tip: Apply your foundation all over your face, and once your skin has fused with (wait a few minutes) apply a small amount of illuminating powder in the T zone, forehead, cheekbones and chin, Blend well with a brush but natural pearl effect, the result, slightly shiny skin. Corrector Ilumina your look!, And he uses a spell on the illuminating foundation, a shade lighter than your skin. Tip: Blend around the eye with the fingertips to remove excess product and is already the result, a look without shadows and lively eyes for a natural look, use brown and neutral tones. Tip: Apply a golden hue on the fixed eyelid to enhance the look and give a light touch, if you want to give more strength to the eyes, makeup inside the eye with a dark brown pencil.

For a sexy look, use dark, AEL you like!, From navy blue to the green bottle, or if you prefer your eyes framed with black and gray. Do not forget the dark shadow makeup with your lower eyelid, blurred by drawing a line along the lashes and eye makeup inside, with black pencil, a touch of light on the fixed eyelid (just below the eyebrow) with a pearly white or bright, the result, a look sexy and suggestive. The essential mascara, Achaeans note!, Rizate makeup lashes before his eyes and apply two layers of mascara to give volume. Da Cheeks color to your cheeks smooth and rosy tones to give that to her face look healthy and natural. Tip: Blend well blush, pass a clean brush loose powder on the cheekbone and blend the excess color. Lips If you want a natural look or have a great influence on your eyes, apply a clear gloss over the lip, the result is a juicy, natural lip. Tip: Choose a gloss that also shine, moisturise and care for your lips.

If instead you prefer makeup lips and let the natural look, try a lipstick red or bright magenta, the result, a lip sexy and provocative, yet stylish. Make up your lips first with a sharp profiler, in a tone very similar to the bar that you will use, fill in the lip with the profile before applying the bar, so the color will last longer and will be easier to lip makeup with dark tones. Touch Final Give it a bath shine to your hair with a dye similar to your color, to bring brightness, but without changing color. Tip: Check with your hairdresser, there are bathrooms that provide transparent color and moisture to the hair shine naturally.

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