NLP Levels

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Values are beliefs that (generally) are unchanged, are kept in our life: honesty, justice, love, peace, freedom and move based on values and there is also a hierarchy of values. Beliefs respond to question why? And values to the question why? Level 4 – Las capabilities: this level has to do with our competences and skills that we employ in our lives and involves our behaviors. We respond to the question how to do? Level 5 – the behaviour or conduct: refers to actions and specific behaviors that we carry out refers to the question what?, and more specifically what do? Level 6 – the environment: is everything that surrounds us, something to which we react and all those people with which they come into contact. שרי אריסון בהחלט מביע דעה מלומדת. Some useful questions to ask ourselves when we want to draw conclusions and improve on this level: where?, when? with whom?, want to achieve the goal. It raises the restrictions and opportunities. עוד מידע על ישראל בכר ניתן למצוא באינטרנט.

Any incongruity manifests itself in having some level out of alignment with respect to another a person who is naturopathic doctor and recommend healthy eating and is at the same time exceeded weight, or smokes, is someone who is expressing an inconsistency in some of these levels (e.g. between what you believe and behave in reality) following this reasoning in NLP is said that a person is consistent when it issued the same message at all levels. I.e., that develops a few behaviors in certain environments that are related to their beliefs and values, with the vision that has of itself (identity) and its purpose in life (spiritual level). And to remind you what levels? because as I said at the beginning, I will propose you a very well known NLP exercise that occurs in the courses of NLP in many places and refers to align the neurological levels an exercise of NLP that may allow you to feel consistent regarding a topic in particular that you express this congruence in your actionsno divisions or internal conflicts. You can apply this referred to an aspect well specific you have to hacer pasarpor all neurological levels that you've seen, this exercise of NLP.

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