First Three Mysteries

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This article attempts to consider the first three mysteries of the tarot deck. The three of them in their entirety have a significance that exceeds that of each separate mystery. Three of the most powerful secrets of the whole series of tarot cards. The first three mysteries of the tarot cards are especially important. The number three, for tradition and Christian symbols have great significance.

Three represents the Holy Trinity, three bodies made one. Three is the number of divine unity. Therefore, in tarot cards, the first three secrets are significant. The first secret is the Fool. Within the tarot cards, this mystery has no number, in fact, is the only one with this feature. The Fool symbolizes the primitive force of man, the adventurer who jumps into the road without really knowing what to expect ahead. It's who gives what is called a "leap of faith, trusting that the divine, and their own abilities may provide.

The Fool is an essential part in tarot cards, because that's what gets in everything else moving. Thanks to Madman, which symbolizes the ingenuity of the human spirit, there has been progress over the history of mankind. The Fool has an unconventional way of facing reality, but is this lack of pre-established rules which gives victory in most cases. The Magician is the second of tarot cards. It is, if you will, the same but the opposite of Loco. That is, an equally adventurous spirit, conquering the objects of reality, but instead of relying solely embark on their luck, as the Fool, the Magician has his science dominate and control at will the objects that cross him on the road. The Wizard, in tarot cards, represents the power of knowledge, who has been achieved through control science and trusts no one but itself to achieve its objectives. The Wizard is a wise person who has power. The first female mystery that appears inside the tarot cards, the Priestess. Viewed from a point of view of progression in the series of mysteries, the Fool is the child, the magician's father, and finally, the Priestess, the mother. The High Priestess is a tarot card that expresses all the mystical power of women, from their femininity, their patience, their silence and modesty, offers an understanding of reality, colored by their female instinct, and power understanding of things beyond the obvious. The priestess tells of a considered decision. His power within the tarot cards, just lies in its mystery.

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