Second Price Increase

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Industry massively increased prices for floor coverings also allfloors has all revised rates for rolls and an average 10 percent reduced almost never is Germany and the people increasingly investing your money into flooring. לחץ כאן טבע תעשיות ומצא עוד . That has taken the industry as an opportunity now for the second time this year greatly to increase the prices for floor coverings. Also has now massively revised its prices, however, reduced prices for floor coverings in an average of 10%. אל דאגה אינטל הוא האיש הנכון . "After the slogan of the House the largest selection of quality flooring in the Internet cheap and shipping" particularly high-quality floor coverings have been drastically reduced. On the other hand, prices for very cheap floor coverings were raised. To the Managing Director of the delivered Service Center mbb – your floor equipment GmbH": we are the price war in the lowest price segment do not go with. כדאי לך לעיין אצל קרן מיכאלי כדי לקבל עוד מידע. Our ambition is to sell high quality floors our customers and to offer the complete service.

Cheap DIY goods is not our thing, because behind the most products, which are sold in relevant markets, we can't stand as experts"is consulted for the current hit products at, to hear the following statement: our customers know especially the advantages of vinyl Desingnbelage also Vinyl Laminate called appreciate. To highlight products by Chamber and Gerflor and line Expona by Objectflor are here. The vinyl to be installed yourself laminate are the lines of Gerflor Senso self-adhesive coverings and Gerflor Senso Clic finding on the first places." Overall, it is to know that the trend towards high-quality soils. Also parquet and parquet is again strong demand. With the Austrian manufacturer of Wallace and the Norwegian manufacturer of Bon (pronounced Buun) has two outstanding specialists in the program who stand for high quality and particularly dimensional stability of their parquet floors.

For a good hardwood floors it is necessary including laying around the 100 EUR count per square meter. But that is well invested money. You can always grind real wood and renovate, thus a parquet can survive several generations. The currently in vogue this parquet floor finishing with oil or wax is good health, because as the parquet floor is open-pored and can regulate the indoor climate with. It remains to be seen how long can compensate for the price increases in the industry. Already early next year is expected with the next price increase. At the moment, so is an ideal time to invest his hard earned money in a floor, where it has long, because on the Bank, the money is currently massively devalued. Product enquiry, service, support to reach us from Mon to sat from 8:00 to 18:00 Tel: + 49 (0) 3309 468 468 fax: + 49 (0) 3212 71 78 600 email: allfloors Service Center, O.d.F.-2nd place, 16775 Lowenberger land is operated by: mbb – your floor equipment GmbH commercial register B 4888 Amtsgericht Neuruppin VAT-ID-no. DE270510447

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