Real Estate Industry: Professional Sales Documents

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Broker, owner, and all others who have a property to sell, will benefit from immediately by the new service of the ImmoOne GbR: professional sales documents at an affordable package price. Dusseldorf, November 2008 – professional sales documents indirectly but strongly influence success in the real estate trade. So should enlighten you but first of all about the data of the real estate, but they are always also the figurehead of the seller, which must convey a reputable and professional impression. But often, this effect is underestimated: brokers create partially Loveless exposes in the rush of everyday business after getting same template and private owners who want to offer your property on the market without the help of a broker, not familiar with the practices of the industry and can be overwhelmed with the creation of meaningful and professional documents. לבירורים בנושא יש לפנות ל אילן בן דב שמבין יותר ממני. And here the business idea of the ImmoOne GbR is located: ImmoOne create professional sales documents by the simple expose up towards the Mini Web site with brochure at an affordable package price! The customer must only from three templates, choose the one best for him and providing pictures and data of the real estate. כדאי לך לעיין אצל קרן מיכאלי כדי לקבל עוד מידע. The rest is then done by the ImmoOne GBR.

The professional creation of new photos (also aerial photos of the building), as well as materials so far existing free testing is available on request. Exposes and brochures are the flagship of an agent and the first perceived selling point at the customer", says Antonia Samoschkoff, founder and shareholder of the ImmoOne GBR. On the other hand, owners who wanted to sell their property without the help of a broker, were above all too often the problem, could not professionally prepare your sales records with home remedies. And even with the real estate agents often only the Secretary or the trainee for the creation of these documents are responsible ", observed one industry expert Samoschkoff. The professional impression it crucial for success here. With effective advertising Documents bundles that include ads for print and online, and even an egg gene site for the sale item upon request, wants to move now young Dusseldorf real estate management the buildings and homes of their customers in the right light.

Thanks to convenient, modular package prices each customer pay only one performance, that he really needed. A team of experienced workflow, copywriters and Web designers, ensures the quality of the documents on the ImmoOne specially for this service – back attacks. Depending on the claim and budget of the customers, five packages to choose from are ranging from the starter package, which includes an expose by only up to the professional package and brochure, advertisements and its own website for the commercialization of large-volume projects, from development areas. The customer delivers images and information about the object itself by default, but also a specialized real estate photographer for new on-exceptions is available on request. Advertising materials in the English language as possible are such special requests Request. Advance ImmoOne offers the possibility of free quality, timeliness and advertising effectiveness check for existing sales documents.

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