Electromagnetic Energy

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Mesmer, that it realises the studies that take to him to present/display the theory of the magnetism animal, described like an electromagnetic energy of type, which owns the power faculty to be transmitted from a being to another one, demonstrating excellent faculties for the sanacin. לאחרונה מצאתי אצל אינטל אוזן קשבת . Already in the heat of century XIX, several directed experiments are developed to physically demonstrate the dawn. Thus in year 1845, German chemistry Baron Karl Bon. Reichenbauch, published a book describing an experiment on the dawn, in which it alluded to the perceptions by the received ones, coming from certain types of crystals, as well as of the poles of magnets, carrying out it with several people, who being in the dark in a room, visualized luminance emanations of energy, coming from the extremities of the people who were there, happening of similar form with animal and plants. The luminance emanations were of different colors, standing out the red one, the violet, the orange, and the green one. Immediately later already in the century XX, during the year 1,911, the Dr.J. Kilner, great student electrician, and ordered of the electroterapia area of the Hospital of Santo Tomas in London, using as prepared crystal laminae with dicianina, it could demonstrate the physical existence of the dawn of the alive beings, when discovering as it is possible to observe the human dawn through the ultraviolet light. The Dr.

Kilner thanks to the observation that realised on the dawn, could formulate a method that would allow him to even diagnose the diseases before they appeared. The system that the Dr. Kilner followed to visualize the dawn with the mentioned plates was the following one: " " The person to whom she tries herself to visualize the dawn, must be placed in front of a white basic fabric (although she realised also it with the black bottom) within a dark room.

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