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All you can eat well in Mallorca and restaurants, recipes and ingredients are favorite conversation piece of the locals you can eat well all in Mallorca and are the locals to talk about favorite restaurants, recipes and ingredients. Diet is also, but please tomorrow! Because more than 6,000 restaurants, cafes, bars, and cafeteria will give no opportunity to keep diet during your Majorca vacation and should try it least for a few days to imitate the Majorcans and the wide range of delicacies on the island. On the table, not only dishes that are typical of Yacht Charter Mallorca, but also many that were imported from the Mainland, travelers such as for example the Spanish specialty "tapas", a great way for Charter and tourists come to discover the local cuisine. Fish, meat, seafood and vegetable dishes to happen of course. Of the meats, the Mallorcan best lamb, pork, poultry, mostly grilled appointed by tourists prefer. The racer is the suckling from the grill, lechona. Here are a few typical Island dishes, that you should not miss: paella (rice skillet dish) with meat, fish or seafood. Tortilla (an omlette of kind of) with potatoes or egg "tumbet" (vegetable dish of potatoes, aubergines and peppers) Arros Brut (rice stew with three types of meat, vegetables and mushrooms) farcits Escaldums (Chicken Casserole with potatoes, raisins, and almonds in a white wine herb sauce) Calamras (stuffed cuttlefish) Llom amb Col (cabbage roulade with pork) SOPES Mallorquines (stew of pork, vegetables and white cabbage with a layer of bread slices) Bunyols amb Venkatesh: small doughnuts made from potato dough fried in olive oil and sugar top.

Gato con helado d ' almendra: Almond Cake with Almond Ice cream (one of the most popular desserts in Mallorca). The eating habits of pleasure must be taken but also by tourists in Mallorca in contemplation. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את ישראל בכר. For example, a meal in a restaurant under two or even worse, see third-party a barbarism is to share in the eyes of the locals. This type of order has prevailed only in some cafes and restaurants. In better restaurants it also not hung to occupied a table, before it is assigned to the waiter, because in most cases you will be asked, how many people come to the table.

Most restaurants offer a daily set menu with 3 courses, wine and water. It is common that you drink coffee or a liqueur after the meal, it may be that the waiter asks you about so. To pay, you should know the following words: "La cuenta por favor" (the Bill please) and not "pay" as in Germany. The tip is five to ten percent of the total invoice.

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